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Book a private transfer

The most comfortable way is to reserve your private ride before your holiday begins. Use the booking form on this page, or have a look at our Airport Transfer section for more info.


Catch a taxi

The taxi station is just outside the airport, pretty hard to miss. Even if the queue is long, it goes pretty fast as there are plenty of taxis. !!!EXCEPT DURING HIGH SEASON!!! If you want to avoid waiting and queueing after you landed, we recommend booking your ride before you arrive, using the form below. It will cost a bit more than regular taxies, but there will be no waiting. The regular taxi fares are quite acceptable, from the airport to Playa Den Bossa you shouldn´t pay more than €15. To Ibiza town maximum €20 and to San Antonio the fare can go up to €40.

Take the bus

The bus stop is just next to the taxi station. It is pretty cheap, and if you want to get to the center of Eivissa or Playa D´en Bossa, it can be relatively quick as well. If you are traveling to the north of the island or San Antonio, we suggest a cab or an airport transfer, as you will inevitably have to change buses in the city center, which takes much time and probably not the best experience with your luggage.

Ibiza bus

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